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Managing Director Jakub Probola and the T-Mobile Hub:raum Team share why they’ve partnered with NorthStar since 2014 to teach sales and pitching to prospective Deutsche Telekom tech company investments

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The Biz Dev Team at Europe’s largest Python dev house STX Next share the sales improvements they’ve made since working with us.


Ian Bori and Nunu Cohaeia of ride-hailing service Bolt discuss their gains from using NorthStar concepts with clients in European and African markets

Why is this important?

The never ending battles between marketing and sales teams often results in missed opportunities and decreased efficiency…

Have you ever experienced this:

  • Marketing teams generate numerous leads, but Sales argue about their quality.
  • Sales teams close deals, but often blame Marketing for not providing enough support.
  • Internal conflicts that derail business momentum.
  • Finger Pointing each other when results are not there.

At the same time...

Unified Strategy Impact

Companies that aligned their sales and marketing practices saw an average of 32% year-over-year revenue growth, while less aligned companies report 7% decline in revenue.

Source: Forrester Research

Lack of Personalization

77% of B2B purchasers said they wouldn’t even speak to a salesperson until they’d done their own research.

Source: The Corporate Executive Board Company

Not providing Enough Training

Companies that spend more on sales training have 50% higher net sales per employee and a 12% higher profit margin.

Source: Hubspot

Process is the Key

74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was first to add value and insight.

Source: Corporate Visions

Say goodbye to the blame game!

Introducing an unified approach to
Marketing and Sales.

How we solve these problems?

  • Strategic Alignment: We ensure that both marketing and sales teams are aligned with the company’s goals, ensuring a seamless flow from lead generation to closing deals.
  • Quality Lead Generation: Focusing not just on quantity, but on quality lead generation process that sales teams will find valuable and effective/  and easier to convert.
  • Lead Sourcing: Leveraging external sources to supplement internal lead generation, ensuring a steady flow of potential clients.
  • Unified Communication: Implementing systems that ensure marketing and sales speak the same language, ensuring that no lead is lost in translation.
  • Efficient Process Mapping: Streamlining the processes between marketing and sales, ensuring that each lead is nurtured and followed up on effectively.
  • Sales journey: Build a full scale growth department from your sales and marketing that brings efficiency and values on each stage of the client sales journey.

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SalesYY was created based on three brands: NorthStar Consulting + Anna PRO + Open Rate

We specialize in Marketing and Sales consulting for

Software Houses & IT Companies

Saas Businesess

Startups & Venture Capitals

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Statistics say

Importance of Content

95% of B2B buyers consider content as trustworthy when evaluating a company and its offerings.

Source: DemandGen Report

Social Selling

78% of salespeople using social media outperform their peers.

Source: Forbes

Alignment of Sales and Marketing

Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing functions experience 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates.

Source: MarketingProfs

Meet our team of consultants

Marketing Strategy Wideo Marketing Webinars


Anna Prończuk-Omiotek a.k.a. AnnaPRO because she teaches how to do marketing like a PRO. Co-founder of SalesYY, marketing consultant, speaker and certified business trainer. She helps B2B and B2C companies increase the effectiveness of their marketing and create repeatable lead generation processes.

The list of satisfied customers includes over 300 companies and institutions, including:

  • tech companies (Allegro, General Electric),
  • banking (Santander),
  • healthcare (Medicover, Sandoz),
  • software houses (Codete, Billennium, eLeader, intive, Norbsoft),
  • Saas (Tutlo, LiveWebinar)
  • and production companies (Mercedes-Benz, Segafredo Zanetti).

What distinguishes her from other consultants is the focus on business results using consulting techniques (mapping and optimizing marketing processes) and training techniques (“targeted” training based on previously diagnosed needs).

She is also a mentor and startup advisor who prepares entrepreneurs for a business pitch and investor presentation. Her clients win first places in startup competitions and gain funding of up to 1 million PLN.

She is the author of 4 online courses, including the “Webinar Master” program which is based on her WebinarPRO ™ method. Anna is also the author of the YouTube channel “Anna PRO”, an academic lecturer at MBA and postgraduate studies, at universities such as Kozminski University.

She speaks as an expert at conferences including Europe, incl. ICERI in Seville (Spain) and Polish Conference “I Love Marketing & Technology”, where she was awarded for one of the best presentations. In addition, Anna was nominated as the TOP Women in eBusiness 2022 on the list prepared by the eBusiness Women Foundation.

Sales Strategy Direct Sales Sales Process


Przemyslaw Simon Stanisz, founder of NorthStar Consulting Group. Over twenty years of experience in direct sales. Serial entrepreneur, co-founder of multiple successful businesses on the European market helping increase sales and marketing efficiency. Has trained and coached hundreds of salespeople and marketers in USA, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, the Baltics, France, UK and many more.

Has worked with all types of companies – from early-stage startups, to mature enterprises like Bolt, Deutsche Telekom, Lionbridge, Dotpay, Infoshare, etc.

Active in new technologies and startup communities in Europe and the US, working as a coach and a mentor. Presenter in organizations including Stanford University via the US-Polish Trade Council.

Co-founder of Hearty Foundation, an NGO helping fill the new technologies educational gap for marginalized groups (foster care children, people with disabilities, or rural-area children). Co-founder of Social Movers Hub – an organization focused on mentoring social startups, NGOs, and enterprise CSR departments to build a better business approach in helping others. Worked with UBS Bank, Cisco, Google, Shell and many more.

Enjoys working with tech companies that want to scale abroad and grow their sales and marketing.

Cold Mailing LinkedIn Lead Generation


Sales and marketing consultant who specialised in cold mailing and Linkedin approach. More than ten years of experience in sales, sales management, recruiting and leadership. Member of the President’s Club at Southwestern Advantage (represents the top 1% of the company’s 250,000 employees throughout history).

Some of her professional accomplishments include:

  • Founder and CEO of Open Rate, a digital marketing agency based in Poland.
  • Recruited one of the biggest Polish sales teams with Southwestern Advantage.
  • Her company, Open Rate has helped hundreds of companies generate 1 million+ leads for potential clients in Poland, USA, UK, Estonia, Switzerland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland.
  • Gained the B2B experience leading outreach, LG and sales activities in STX Next (the largest Python Software House in Europe) and Webcon (well-known EU low-code Business Process Automation Platform). 
  • With over 10 years of experience in sales, entrepreneurship, and marketing, Jagoda has developed a deep understanding of business operations and strategy. She is passionate about helping others succeed and is committed to empowering her clients to reach their full potential.
Anna Winiczeńko

Social Media Content Marketing Marketing Funnels


Anna is a Content Manager and Brand Strategist. She has been involved with digital marketing since 2015. A marketing consultant and content manager at SalesYY.com, she assists companies in creating authentic and inspiring brands, crafting consistent customer experiences at every touchpoint with the brand. Clients praise her for blending a creative approach with rigorous data analysis and a focus on achieving sales objectives. For her clients, she executes marketing campaigns and manages content distribution across communication channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, newsletters, blogs, and podcasts.

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